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April 2022

Writing: Work
Writing: Work

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May 2022. Puzzling Quantum Scenario Appears Not to Conserve Energy. Quanta Magazine.

May 2022. Metamaterials Control the Shape of Water Waves. Physics Magazine

May 2022. Galactic Gamma-Ray Glow May Be Pulsars After All. Physics Magazine

April 2022. Defects Help 3D-Printed Particles Keep on SwirlingPhysics Magazine
April 2022. Quantum Field Theory Boosts Brain ModelPhysics Magazine
April 2022. Does The Universe Create Itself? video script, PBS Space Time

April 2022. Memory Plays a Critical Role in Animal Behavior. Physics Magazine

April 2022. Temperature Oscillation Increases Heat Flow. Physics Magazine

March 2022. Cold Collisions Get Charged. Physics Magazine

March 2022. Solar-Neutrino Detection Gets a Boost. Physics Magazine

February 2022. Is The Wave Function The Building Block of Reality? video script, PBS Space Time
February 2022. Race Not Over Between Classical and Quantum Computers. Physics Magazine
January 2022. Symmetries Reveal Clues About the Holographic Universe. Quanta Magazine (reprinted by WIRED)
December 2021. Gravitational Waves Should Permanently Distort Space-Time. Quanta Magazine (reprinted by WIRED)

November 2021. How Quantum Computers Will Correct Their Errors. Quanta Magazine 

October 2021. An Ultra-Precise Clock Links the Quantum World With Gravity. Quanta Magazine

August 2021. Can life exist on a rogue planet? Discover Magazine

June 2021. How Quantum Entanglement Creates Entropy. video script, PBS Space Time

May 2021. Breaking the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. video script, PBS Space Time

May 2021. Quantum Music. Aeon 

April 2021. The muon g-2 experiment might mean the Standard Model of physics is incomplete, but that’s just the beginning. "Lab Notes," Massive Science

March 2021. Can you freeze a quantum system by observing it? video script, PBS Space Time

January 2021. What happens during a quantum jump? video script, PBS Space Time

October 2020. An unexpected green afterglow helped a storm chaser discover a new lightning phenomenon. Massive Science

July 2020. Why is this nebula shaped like a butterfly? "Lab Notes," Massive Science

July 2020. Does Antimatter Explain Why There's Something Rather Than Nothing?. video script, PBS Space Time

June 2020. What's the slowest thing on earth? "Curious Kids," The Conversation

June 2020. Lasers can help us detect viruses faster than typical medical tests. Massive Science

May 2020. Does gravity require extra dimensions? video script, PBS Space Time

March 2020. Decoherence is a problem for quantum computing, but... "Observations," Scientific American

January 2020. Photons pop in and out of existence to transfer heat. "Lab Notes," Massive Science

January 2020. The key to unlocking a glacier's past is a chainsaw and some quantum mechanics. Massive Science

December 2019. If you're trying to trap an atom, try bending Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. "Lab Notes," Massive Science

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